What Happened to Common Courtesy?

So, today, I was hit by a car. No, that’s not correct. I was hit by a truck. And no, before you ask, I was not driving and involved in a traffic accident. I was walking through a parking lot, leaving the post office and a man backing out of his parking spot hit me. With his pickup truck. It was a rather LARGE pickup truck. It hurt. Not horribly and I wasn’t even knocked over, but what struck me about the incident was this: 

He didn’t even ask if I was okay. 

Granted, I will accept some fault in the incident. I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have been. However, neither was he. Clearly, or he would have realized that there was a pedestrian behind him and stopped backing out. Instead, he backed into me at a thankfully low speed and didn’t hit the brakes until he heard the impact of my body on his bumper. And really, when you’re in a parking lot, the people in the cars need to be the extra careful ones. I will admit as well, to the fact that sometimes I’ve started to back out of a parking space and stopped suddenly when I realized there was a pedestrian behind me, nearly averting a potentially horrid accident. So yeah, it happens. And today it happened to me and I will be more aware next time. But that brings me to my point. 

Whatever happened to a little courtesy? You know, the part where when he stops after he has HIT A PEDESTRIAN WITH HIS TRUCK and says to said pedestrian “Are you okay?” with either genuine or feigned concern. I mean, really… I don’t care if you don’t care. You’re kind of an ass either way for hitting me in the first place, but you could at least pretend to care. And before you start in on your ranting tirade about how I should pay attention (which yes, true as that may be, I think at this point I still deserved just a little kindness here) and how I am the idiot for not noticing your giant truck with the massive tires which very easily could have squished me dead, you could just ask. I would.  That is the first thing out of my mouth after any accident and it doesn’t matter whose fault it was. The first thing you ask is “Are you okay?” It’s just common courtesy, which I think this country needs a lot more of. We are simply too concerned with ourselves to care these days I guess. Which makes me sad. And angry. And sad again.

So really… it wasn’t that big a deal. I’ve got a bruise on my leg, and yeah, I’ll pay closer attention next time I’m walking in a parking lot. No real harm done. He’s very lucky that I am not a litigious person and didn’t suddenly start bitching about injuries and lawyers.

But you know what? No. I just need to say this – I want to put it out there, that you Sir, in your unnecessarily enormous vehicle, are rude. And an asshat. And judging from the size of your truck, I bet you have a small penis too.