Pancakes ‘n Booze

Nope. That wasn’t a typo. I meant every word. All two of them. Pancakes and booze. And art. And music. And a somewhat raw warehouse space downtown in Los Angeles. Not a bad Saturday night.

Sometime last year, I was made aware, through a mutual friend of the Pancakes ‘N Booze Art Show – put on as pop-up art nights by filmmaker Tom Kirlin. The shows used to be based at Kirlin’s own small studio on East Jefferson here in Los Angeles. What works about this show is the art. Local artists in each city whose work has yet to be shown or wouldn’t be shown in other venues (my own work was included in two shows here in Los Angeles last year) are showcased here. And anything goes. From grotesque screen prints to more classic paintings, to performance pieces – whatever your pleasure, you can probably find it here – especially in this new larger venue, which features two levels and artists doing on site work as the show went on.

Drinks aren’t horribly expensive either and the pancakes are free. (And tasty.)

This past weekend’s show went on for two nights, Friday and Saturday. And though I had planned to go Friday night, which featured not only live music but also a fashion show by Sugar, plans changed and I didn’t get to attend until Saturday instead. It was a decent turnout but I couldn’t help but feel like the party had been focused on Friday night and that the show Saturday night was a bit lacking. Though, I’ve not heard from anyone who went on Friday to confirm this theory, it’s just the vibe I got in attending.

The first of the bands featured on Saturday was called Seeing Thingz and aside from the horrible band name, I can’t say anything good about this band. Their presence was more annoying than welcomed and after the few songs that the crowd seemed to watch with a bit of a morbid curiosity, I couldn’t help but notice most of the venue moved to the outside patio to take part of some of the pancakes during the rest of their set. They seemed from start to finish like they weren’t being themselves, but rather they were playing the parts of what they thought the crowd would think was cool. They were wrong.

Bad musical interlude aside, the show was fun. The vendors set up by the front door were reasonable and though I was short on cash, I took cards from each one – I have every intention of buying one of the Edwardian Cameo lockets that I saw there – just no cash. The same goes for several of the art pieces I saw. I noted the names and took cards from the artists I liked and will be happy when I have a bit of cash to splurge on one of their pieces.

Though this show has become somewhat known in L.A. amongst the underground art scene here, over the last few months Kirlin decided to take the show on the road so to speak, and had put on similar shows in Atlanta, Nashville and Minneapolis. There are more planned across the country, so keep track of the show on Facebook to see when they’re coming to your town. I could see this getting BIG. And I do mean, really BIG. So be sure to check it out while you have the chance because with a low cover fee of $5 per person, which includes all the pancakes you can eat – it’s not going to be underground for much longer.


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