Upset at the Golden Globes

Dear Hollywood Foreign Press Association,

Quit your fucking whining! The biggest news story of the day today seems to be “Did Ricky Gervais Go Too Far” at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. And the answer is this – NO. He did not. He went just the right amount of far. If the HFPA wanted a more safe type of funny, then they shouldn’t have hired Ricky Gervais. End of story. Everyone who has ever seen Ricky Gervais perform – either in his stand-up routines or in the television shows he’s written, KNOWS that he is a professional piss-taker. His entire career has been based on making fun of things and people in a way that is brutal, honest, and at times awkward. Had none of you ever seen Extras? Or The Office? (And no, I’m not talking about the watered down anemic version that Steve Carrell has given American audiences.)  What did you expect?

And you know what? You and everyone who he picked on probably deserved it at one point or another. If you didn’t, he wouldn’t have picked on you! His jokes are topical. He goes after those who have already brought themselves to the public eye for their own indiscretions. Gervais is like a trained assassin with his barbs. He never goes after the innocent. And yes, I do count his jab at the Tourist and the rumors that the HFPA take bribes as worthy of it. It was a HORRIBLE movie! How the hell did it get nominated? I tend to agree with his suggestion that it was nominated only because they wanted to get star power like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in the room.

The people in Hollywood need to lighten up a bit – the HFPA and the celebrities who attended last night. And we as an audience need to stop expecting them to be perfect. They’re just people. They make mistakes (Sandra Bullock’s hair anyone? Heidi Klum’s dress?). They are not better than us, they are not infallible and now and again, it’s a good idea to knock them back a bit to remind them of that. Last night, Ricky Gervais’ humor took a stab at doing just that and he refuses to apologize for it.

I, for one, commend him.

Though, I do expect, that next year the Golden Globes will hire a host who is nice and boring and not controversial. And I for one, will skip watching it if they do.

Till next time.


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