Is It Real or Is It the Internet?

Lately I’ve been pondering the real world versus the online world.

Over the last year I have made – from all over the world – a huge pile of new friends thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and DailyBooth. At first I started using Twitter as a marketing tool. I started using DailyBooth to keep up with one old friend who lives half way around the world. But thanks to that, I now have a core group of really good friends who I have not yet met in person and only have talked to via emails, chats and in one case, Skype. Since I work from home a lot of the time, my online life lets me still remain social, even though I’m working and stuck in my apartment. It’s very much like you would have at any office. Case in point today – when 3 of my friends and I happened to be online at the same time and we started a back & forth that lead to my nearly spitting coffee on my monitor I laughed so hard.

How is that any different from those moments with your closer coworkers when you get on that same track and the hilarity ensues?

Last night I went out with several girlfriends for a birthday dinner. The conversation rambled from the ridiculous to the silly to the serious – the same way my conversations with my online friends do.

And considering my new year’s resolution of getting out and balancing my online life with my real life – I think the last few days have been a complete success. So there it is… Social Networking is the new coffee break. And that’s a good thing.


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