Rain, Rain, Go Away

It is raining in LA. AGAIN.

And this isn’t some piddly little “Oh Southern California never gets rain” pathetic excuse for a drizzle kind of rain. This is FULL ON, drenching, pelting and cold cold cold rain. Today was a friend’s baby shower and after the shower, as we were leaving, the rain started up again. A LOT. In the span of 3 minutes I was drenched. I was wet to the bone. And cold.

I’d just like to put this on record to negate those of you who believe that California doesn’t have actual weather and that it never rains here. For the last two weeks, it’s been raining. In the last month, I’d say honestly we have had 8 dry days and the rest it’s been cold, really really wet and gray.

Well, if it’s all the same to you, I’d like it to stop now.

I’m a person who likes to be outdoors. I like to be active. I like to do stuff. Hell, even on the days when I do nothing at all I generally start my day with a bike ride – just to be sure I get OUT. I have been locked inside more or less for a month and I’m getting cranky now.

I’d like to politely request, with all due respect to Mother Nature and her cohorts (you know – the clouds, the sun, the air) that it stops please. We’ve had enough. Mountains are sliding down the hillsides and the LA river actually has water in it. We’re good. Thanks for this – we needed it, but we’re good now. Promise. For a month or so. Really. It’s ok. You can stop now.

So everyone with me now – loud as you can please – like a mantra – repeat until it’s done….




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