New Year’s Day

That, my friends, is the first time I have typed or written “2011.” And let me tell you it looks odd.

Last night, as my New Year’s Eve plans went quickly from “quiet but acceptable” to “non-existant” my friend and I were discussing the need for some new things this year. One of those is new projects. We decided that we would give each other weekly homework assignments. We are both photographers and creatively inclined. We’re both freelancers and at times go from zero to sixty and back to zero again within the span of hours.  Work is erratic. And because of that, a lot of the time, after the work is done, we both have a tendency to fall into a pattern of working a lot for days or weeks at a time and then when it’s over, we do nothing – which includes ignoring projects that we’ve been wanting to work on.  So giving each other a weekly homework assignment is our answer to that.

I’m not going to go into what her assignment was for this, our first week. (Let’s just say she got the easier assignment.) But my assignment is to write every day for a week. And more specifically, to post something on my blog every day. For the week. The hope is that a theme will appear. A direction. A focus. It’s one of the things that I have always lacked when it comes to my creative projects – be they photographic or verbal – I lack focus. Without focus, I have no follow through.

So here’s the first of the week. It’s Saturday. This morning I made my New Year’s Resolutions (there are 11 so far), and this is the beginning of number 9: Balance my actual social life and my online social life a bit more. Currently I’ve been spending too much time online and not enough out in the real world. So here we are. This morning, I asked a friend of both the online & real world to join me at a photography exhibit at the LACMA. I have a membership card, so it’s free for both myself and a guest. Amongst the photos (a William Eggleston retrospective) we saw, the paintings, the art installations and the history of fashion (which I LOVED) there was a statue in the Olmec exhibit of ancient Mexican statues and figures that caught my eye.

This one made me laugh. As only a Doctor Who fan would when I realized that this statue, which was carved sometime in the 1400’s or so, looks strikingly like The Face of Bo.

Don’t you think?

A free day at a museum with a friend wandering about. New Year’s Resolution # 9 begun. As well as number 6 (that is if I can keep this up all week), now that I think about it.

So there you are. First blog post of the new year and it’s not insighful really. It’s just made me giggle. Good start the new year straight off.


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