Shocked at the Weakness

I’ve been in physical therapy for the ongoing knee issues for about 2 months now. When I started doing the exercises that my trainer gave me to do at home, I was surprised at the difficulty I had doing them to my right side (which is the problem and therefore weaker side). But today something shocking happened.

Dottie, my physical therapy trainer, had me do a simple leg raise. Sitting on the floor with my back straight against the wall to keep posture and with one leg straight out in front of me, the other leg bent – holding my knee as close to my chest as I could while keeping that foot flat to the floor as well. I could barely lift my right leg. My muscles strained and shook and I barely got through 5 of these altered leg lifts. But then I switched to the other side to see the difference. AND OHMIGOD there was a difference. With my left leg straight out in front of me, I could easily lift it, no muscle strain and no difficulty. I got through 10 in half the time and with amazingly accurate control.

Seeing the difference between the two, I have to say, that even though I’m not and that everything SEEMS to work just fine, I’ve never felt so broken in my life.


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