I’d Like To Choose the Bionic Option Please

Short version of a long story – 3 and a half years ago, I was in a car accident. Lax medical attention didn’t notice that during the accident, my leg got jammed and the result is that for the last 3 and a half years, I’ve been off-balance. Literally. My right leg now pronates where it didn’t used to. I am an avid bicyclist. I ride just about every day. My minimum ride is about 6 to 7 miles. About a year ago I started having knee pain related to my bicycling. After a bit of digging about to find the right doctor, I was finally diagnosed with a proper actual “This is the reason” sort of diagnosis. I was finally happy that I could continue to bike while having the treatments and that the physical therapy prescribed to try to realign my leg and rebuild muscles that I was unconsciously neglecting was starting to work.

Enter the second phase of treatment: Hyaluronan injections to try to repair the damaged cartilage and pad the wearing area to prevent further degradation – which theoretically will mean NO MORE PAIN.

However they don’t warn you ahead of time. The injections HURT. A LOT. Large needle stuck UNDER your knee cap and wiggled around to try to get the hyaluronan into the cracks and fissures of the cartilage. It feels weird. Like there’s something in there that shouldn’t be (and truly there is). Now, hours later, my knee is swollen, the puncture has moments of sharp shooting pain and the entire thing just feels awful. I can walk, but I’m limpy.

I know that this is a work in progress and in the long run it’ll be better. I know that my doctor knows what he’s doing and that the physical therapy was working before and that this should only make it better. But right now, I’d like to just say this:

Firstly, when you’re in an accident, don’t settle so quickly and be sure to get a THOROUGH check before agreeing to that settlement. You never know what issue may rear its ugly head later.

And secondly, is it too late to just get the bionic knee parts and be done with it?


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