When Will They GO AWAY?

Yesterday in driving home from lunch with a friend, I caught site of something that made me want to vom my lunch just a bit. A billboard along La Cienaga Boulevard advertising the following story for that night’s “ET” show:

“Heidi and Spencer Renew Vows”

I must ask the people at ET this one question – DOES ANYONE CARE? I mean really. Over the last year or so, the entity called “Spidey” have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are nothing more than fame seeking morons with delusions of intelligence and over inflated senses of their own importance.  And though their stars have since faded to a flicker (thankfully), now you’re trying to bring them back?

Please, dear Entertainment Television, let’s leave Moron Barbie and her equally vapid Ken Doll with the creepy flesh coloured beard out where they belong – behind us with the rest of last year’s trash.


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