On the topics of bad unnecessary television that should get the creators shot:

Recently I saw an advertisement for a new reality show called “Bridalplasty.” The sad thing is this isn’t a joke. Brides-to-be compete for a chance to get major reconstructive surgery before their wedding day. The thought of how sick and demented this is makes me want to vomit. Also, the fact that they found 12 women whose self-esteem was so low that they would agree to this thinking that it would make everything better.

The producers at E! who are responsible for this should be lined up in front of a firing squad. Then again, what was I to expect from the people who gave us the insta-celebrity of the Kardashians and whose major goal in life seems to be to discuss Lindsay Lohan’s fall from grace at every opportunity.

I hate television. (Why do I watch so much of it then?)


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